I live in London, UK, but I work wherever I’m wanted. Sometimes at my dining room table, but most often it’s at a client’s office.

I used to work in advertising, but I’ve left that life behind. For the past few years I’ve worked as a consultant for a business I’ve set up called Formation London. It facilitates ideas through playful workshops, or via other transformational sessions. I create these bespoke, although I’m transparent about my methods and what I’ve learned from each experience.

This blog will be filled with my thoughts on that most hideous of terms: digital, but also the random stuff that runs through my head and isn’t suitable for my work blog. Mostly d*gital and innovations – all framed by my experiences and/or thoughts.

If you’re interested in links to cool internet stuff from days done by, try my now archived blog. Or go read #webcurios for more up-to-date stuff.

If you have an earliest memory you’d like to share, check out my project, My Earliest Memory.

If you want to sum me up in one word, tell me Your Impressions Of Me. This is about as close to a CV as you’ll get.

While it’s still available, seek out my latest project, One Hundred Balloons: a networked story in part one, an invitation to get involved in part two. You’ll want to go along to One Hundred Balloons and start reading. There might be a part three.

You can get a dose of topical news in Lorem ipsum format from NewsIpsum.

I am also available for interesting projects with smart people, talks and workshops. Look at my LinkedIn profile for more on what I’ve done and for whom.

See you about.



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