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I’ve always struggled with signing off emails.

Judging by a quick Google search, so do many others. Forbes suggests 57 ways to sign off an email – with that amount of choice, it’s probably easier to get on a plane and meet in person. Grammarly says there are nine good and nine bad, but to me they all miss the mark.

Cheers feels too informal for business, and Warmest Regards is, well, it’s pretty meh. Best is a word I’ve always had an aversion to. It’s like ‘nice’ or ‘great’. Like a slap with a wet fish.

Over the years I’ve even considered resorting to just sticking my name at the bottom, but that feels even worse, like I couldn’t even be bothered to select the worst option available to me.

After getting sick, I set out with a personal mantra to Be Well. Every day that was my goal. Every single day, to be well. It gave me a really optimistic feeling each time I said it in my head.

So, back in July, I began using it in some client emails as my sign off. And texts to friends. More recently, it’s become my default goodbye on phone calls. It’s both informal that it gives friends a warm fuzzy feeling, but professional enough that it gives clients a suggestion that I care without them feeling like they need to tell me every minutia of their lives.

So, that’s it. Me, signing off.

Be well.