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Last week I spent the day out on the South Downs, walking with an eclectic bunch of good, smart people at the invitation of @willsh and @Fraser_Hamilton of Smithery.

Despite the forecast suggesting torrential rain and sleet, we were lucky. A bright, cold day awaited us as we alighted at Plumpton. Perfect for a 15-mile hike.

There is much to say on the subjects of the day; however, the one single thing that stuck with me from the day came out of the discussion over wine at the end of the walk. John noted that, as the landscape changed so did the dynamics of the group. Sometimes we were strung out in a long line, talking as a group, and when the path narrowed, so we broke into groups, people shifting from one set of people to another, cross-pollinating conversations and ideas.

My observation was that, as facilitators of workshops or within teams, it is often ‘us’ who become the landscape. During a day of working with people so we allow for expansive moments where everyone comes together, yet we also create times when thinking narrows and focuses the mind and people come together in smaller groups.

The environment of a workshop mimics that of the landscape. The facilitator becomes the landscape. The landscape is the facilitator.