Whenever you navigate an area, it’s never straightforward. There are many turns to take, rises to climb and moments to stop and reflect on what’s around. Different transport offers a variety of experiences. It’s for these reasons that the idea for Artefact Traveller came about.

One of the joys of travelling, even to places you think you know well, is that there is always the element of surprise life can throw at you. Product development is no different. And so, while sitting with a deck of Artefact cards in an Italian apartment while reflecting on the journey I’d taken from London to Rome, it hit me.

The past 18 months I’ve been on a journey, in my head and as the owner of a start-up. It’s been more thrilling than taking the train to London, I’ll grant it. Yet it’s been so quick and fast-paced that I’ve not really sat down to give it any deep thought.

Despite being on holiday and doing my best to forget anything related to work, I took out a deck of cards and began to plot, describe and document the journey I’ve been on with Formation London.

It was a revelation.

Not every card works. And that’s because they were created with one specific journey type in mind. However, it’s enough for me to see where I’m headed, the ground I’ve covered and the areas I don’t necessarily want to revisit. It’s a good snapshot, a document of a year of doing something for me.

Here’s the deck.