I’ve found myself writing words in a lot of places, but not here.
So in case you’ve missed anything, here’s an update:

Traditional As The New Differentiator
I’ve been looking at banking a lot recently, for clients as well as for my own interests. As many of you are aware, the financial environment is changing rapidly as technology start-ups really start to chip away at incumbent brands. But not everyone is looking to tech as a saviour. And so I pondered if the maker movement had anything to teach banking.
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Bye Bye Banks
I was also lucky enough to secure an invite to Adaptive Lab’s Bye Bye Banks launch. It’s a book by James Haycock and Shane Richmond. Immensely readable and informative, it suggests that banks as we know it are doomed, yet offers several solid ideas about what they might do next, including the building of a Beta Bank.
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Posts About Cannes, Post-Cannes
Before the Festival of Creativity kicked off in Cannes I was asked to write about it by several people. And so I did. I also got to talk about it, too. I didn’t get to go. Here are some articles I wrote about the Festival:

Stories Makes For Great Ads, Case Studies Don’t
When it comes to making the videos about the ads, our industry really steps up. Often they’re more creative about the results than they ever were about the piece of work being entered. So I said so, for Creative Social.
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Fuck That’s Good, But Did It Win At Cannes?
Off the back of my talk at a Creative Social event, I was asked to share my thoughts about Cannes and creativity for The Drum. They asked me to swear, honest. This was as much an opinion piece as a call to action for all of us who make ads for a living.
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The Misfit Economy
Another recent read is this book. Doing things differently is seen as a sign of genius, the kind of thing that only Steve Jobs could do. Yet, throughout the world, innovation is happening, and it’s often the case that this is being done by people who just don’t quite fit in.

Occasionally, these people are criminals or miscreants; other times they just want to change the culture of an organisation. This book tells the story of some of these misfits, and demonstrates that it’s possible to go against the grain and still be successful.
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Flipping World
And for those that haven’t caught up on another reason why I’ve not been writing here, the story of my recent illness will help.
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