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If you want to find the answers, you must first ask the questions.

This sentence was going around my head over the weekend. It was in response to the past few weeks’ work I’ve been caught up in. It involves a service that’s also a product, and an interesting conundrum: should we give this away for free?

The thing is, that’s not the right question to be asking in this instance. For confidentiality reasons I can’t go into the detail; however, I know this isn’t right because I couldn’t find the answer – no matter how many people I asked.

Instead, it had to be reframed around a different idea: is this of value?

A better question that sprang out of sitting 12 people in a room, asking them to describe their favourite online services and deciphering their answers. Then, over too much coffee, throwing around some ideas. Once we had our question, the answers kept on coming.

Okay, not answers but hypotheses.

What I can say is I’m excited about testing them.