Today, in the UK at least, it’s Mother’s Day. Which is great, if you’re mother is alive and able to celebrate it with you. 

Today, I have read a number of Tweets from SXSW and FutureFest telling me that true, individual personalisation is here and it’s great. 

Today, I got emails from several brands telling me to show my mother how much I love her by buying her a gift from them. I’ve been getting them all week. 

My mother is no longer here. It’s been eight years. 

This data exists and could be captured. But hard to sell me anything.

Personalisation is only one-way – it only works for retailers, not for the benefit of consumers. Any pretence otherwise…

And that’s okay. It’s just that collecting data about my circumstance is easy and could be beneficial to those looking to sell me something. It could stop the generic messaging. It could let them show some empathy. They could simply remove me from their database, or ensure I didn’t get the generic, cloying messaging. 

For some people the gap won’t be eight years. It could be fewer than eight days.

Whoever is doing these data insights, I suspect they’ve failed many people today. For them and their brands, the best option left to me is ‘Add to spam’ and I’m fairly sure that’s not a KPI they want to hit.