Like many people, I’m not a huge fan of email.
However, I am a fan of subscriptions, and over the past year or so a lot of email newsletters have been set up for people like me to subscribe to.
It’s made email fun again, not to mention reviving my interest in snail mail.
A lot of people have been listing their favourite email newsletters recently, and I’m not one to miss out on a trend.
So, in no particular order, here are some subscriptions I’d recommend you look into.

Dark Matter
The latest instalment of this excellent newsletter from Be Almighty has just arrived, and like all those before it’s packed with interesting links to things that wouldn’t necessarily be on my radar. Every time I open it up I learn something, which is probably the best reason to subscribe to an email.
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Only Dead Fish
I have known Neil Perkin, the brain behind this newsletter, for a while. He does so much that I often wonder how he manages to fit it all in. I’m just glad that he does. If you don’t follow him on Twitter, or attend Google Firestarters, this will probably be the thing that has you clicking the Follow button.
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I like stories. I especially like stories that, again, I wouldn’t necessarily be out hunting for. That’s why this newsletter is on my list. There are always many interesting reads on here, and the best thing is you get an idea of how long it’ll take to read or listen to whatever it links you to.
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Other Valleys
It’s easy to create a filter bubble that only looks at tech and creative thinking in Silicon Valley or ‘The West’, when there are many innovations happening elsewhere, from Iran to Bangladesh, Israel to Bhutan. You’ll find them, and more, in this weekly consignment of brain food.
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The title stands for 5 Intriguing Things. They come from the past and the future. They are always interesting (actually, fairly mindblowing) and deal with a wide range of topics from wearables to geoengineering to machine logic, or biohacking and synthetic biology.
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Postcards From A Supply Chain
This is a weekly snapshot of a supply chain journey on a container ship. That probably sounds really dull: it’s anything but. Well written, this is something I have begun to look forward to each week and I don’t think you’d be disappointed either.
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Strands of Genius
This is really a collection of the mad shit that floats past the eyes of Faris and Rosie Yakob. Lots of good stuff from the internet, as well as an insight into the incredible amount of things these two use as an input feed for deeper thinking and better creative ideas. It’ll brighten up your Tuesdays.
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Swiss Cheese & Bullets
A recent edition to my subscriptions, it’s a short list of design and architecture links as well as general loveliness from the Web by Daniel Benneworth-Gray, whom you may know from the writing he does for Creative Review, or because you own one (or more) of his book or poster designs.
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Farnam Street
Every Sunday I get this email and spend the next hour or so lost in a sea of wonderful smart thinking. It’s a great way to get prepared for the week ahead, and it will make you smarter about a whole assortment of topics. It’s also brilliant for ideas about which books to read.
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Things That Have Caught My Attention
Not as frequent as it once was, Dan Hon’s ramblings will get you thinking. This is an insight into a brain that doesn’t switch off. I don’t know Dan, but I sense he’s an intense individual who can unite you around a topic or drive you to despair with his ideas. Often both happen in one newsletter. That’s the single best reason to sign up if you ask me.
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Stack Magazines
I like discovering new things, and that’s why I’ve had a Stack Magazines subscription for the past three years or so. Each month I get a different independent magazine through my letterbox. Some of my favourites I’ve gone on to subscribe to regularly, and yet I still keep finding new magazines via this service. The best thing I find is that the subject matter is rarely in tune with my own life, so I get to read about new perspectives and ideas, and it’s always a surprise; that’s one of the best things about life.
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These lovely people from York wrote me an email so many years ago I didn’t have a Gmail account and so I can’t search for it. They introduced me to Beirut (the band, not the capital city) before the internet got around to them, and it feeds me culture that I wouldn’t necessarily go looking for. One of the visual types among you, but highly recommended if you like art, film, books, photography, music or artistic culture in general.
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Web Curios
It shouldn’t have escaped your notice that the best weekly collection of weirdness and must-know information that exists on the internet is sent out each week (with infrequent gaps) by Imperica.

It also shouldn’t have escaped your notice that the service is facing closure, but is looking to reinvent itself through a paid model. If you buy a coffee once a week, this is cheaper yet infinitely more rewarding.
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I’m sure there are lots of other things I could or should be subscribed to.
So tell me in the comments or over on the Twitter channel.