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I attended the final Creative Social event of 2014. The brief: what do you want for Christmas and what would give the ad industry?

Five speakers: Laura Jordan Bambach, Graham Hodge, Alfie Spencer, Georgia Barretta, and Dave Bedwood.

  1. Alfie wanted a maths book and hoped to remove abstract nouns from advertising as his gift to the industry.
  2. Graham wanted a labradoodle, and gave three things to advertising: 1) the book, Aristotle’s Poetics, as long-form content is in for 2015; a strap-on so we can have some balls with clients; and a film producer so we can learn about craft.
  3. Laura just wanted to have some time and space for herself, while wishing that the industry would be more childlike in its approach to creativity.
  4. Georgia wanted to go to Cannes, and she wished the industry wouldn’t use artists in such a clichéd manner.
  5. Dave wanted to kill the Star Wars franchise while dying himself. He gave the gifts of socks and whisky to the industry.

Some questions were asked by the audience and answered by the panel of guests. The answers included: craft the idea in your student book, not the execution; have three kids; educate clients about how long it takes to do good work.

Finally we watched four Christmas ads picked by the panel. These were, Mulberry, Halfords, Boots, and McVities Victoria Biscuits. Dave pointed out how crap this ad is for Smart Water.

Every attendee was handed a free gift from Santa. Imperica have one to give away to a lucky reader.

Beer was drunk.
Home on the last train.
Merry Christmas.

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