It’s always nice to be asked to talk at an event. It’s recognition of your skills or thinking that someone else believes should be shared with a wider audience. It’s not often, though, that I feel truly honoured – and more than a little humbled – by an opportunity to speak.

That’s how I felt a few weeks ago when I was approached to speak at the London launch of Next Day Better, an initiative that’s already a big part of the New York event scene and has spread out across the United States. Especially as it’s the launch event in London.

They describe themselves as:

“A culture platform that builds and activates diaspora communities to create a better future. We believe that diasporas like the Philippines global community are hubs and inspirations for social innovation, incredible design, and world changing ideas. We bring these doers and change makers together to share their stories and make the next day better.”

It was never a question of saying no, but it was certainly a quest to work out how I could bring something of worth to such an illustrious event. Let’s just say, the Imposter Syndrome went into overdrive initially.

I’m over that, sort of.

Having spent some time reading up on the organisation and what they’re looking to achieve, I felt I had something I wanted to share with a wider audience. I’m not going to give too much away here, but suffice to say it’ll be more workshop than talk. I want to demonstrate to the audience that the thing that holds most people back is fear, and how overcoming that can lead to new ideas, stronger connections and, ultimately, to getting things done and solving problems. After all, the theme for the London event is Breakthrough.

While the original concept was focused on the Philippines, and will continue to do so, I want to ensure that my part sees this broaden and become a platform for taking ideas forward, to building networks with a foundation on sharing skills and solutions that help anyone who isn’t as fortunate as I am.

What I’d really like to do is see a lot of you there, if you can come. Tickets are on sale now – and really are very inexpensive. And if you can share this with your own networks, you’ll be helping to make someone’s next day better, not least of all mine.

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