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Initially, I was rather saddened to hear that BERG was going into hibernation, as they put it.

I’d been a fan for a while before buying one of the first batch of Little Printers. I’ve used these devices in pitches and for conferences, as well as mentioned other incredible ideas they’ve gone and actually made, in conversations with my own clients.

To think they couldn’t make connected devices viable longer term is a real blow for an area I’m incredibly interested in. If anyone could, and all that.

I’ve been lucky enough to meet a number of people at BERG. They are smart, but inclusive to those, like me, who can see how to use their services but perhaps not actually be able to build something with them.

That’s why, even though the news isn’t great, the future is still bright. These incredibly smart, inclusive and genuine people are still thinking, building, creating and pushing forward. It’s just that they won’t be working out of an office in London, as a group.

Without wishing to get all silly about it, they’ve left a legacy that has done more to create what the government calls Tech City than most. They proved that technology can be a craft, that design has a place beyond pixels, and that hardware is the future.

They have opened doors, shone light into areas and onto ideas that will allow others to make even greater leaps.

And it’s with that thought that I find myself excited by what they all do next. Either as individuals, or as a smaller collective. And what others will do alongside them, building on that legacy.

The only downside is that my daughter will shed a few tears when her Little Printer switches off having printed its last piece of content. To her it’s one of the family.

So, thanks BERG. For the inspiration, the excitement, the ideas. I raise a toast to the futures you’ll go on to make, under different monikers.

I can’t wait.