This past month or so has been busy. Lots going on, which is great.

Yet, some things have come to a natural end, not least one of my projects: One Hundred Balloons.

Sadly, it never became what I wanted for it, but boy did I learn a lot.

The things about projects that have no conceivable reason for being, other than to try something and see what might happen, well, it’s hard to decide if they are a failure or a triumph, or a damp squib that lies somewhere between those two poles.

Then again, it was never meant to be a one-off project. The idea was to repeat an iteration of it, three times. I’m already six months late in delivering the last one, (although I’m on budget). I tried to produce something coherent and wanted it to extend beyond the site and twitter account. It didn’t, because I got really busy with work and life and all those other excuses. It wasn’t there to generate revenue (side projects shouldn’t), so it often took second place.

But I completed it. I wanted to see it through. I’m not someone who declares an idea and then abandons it. That’s not my work ethic. Having said that, I do need to update the map, which is the final hurdle. But the words are there, seeing actual balloons in places around London isn’t integral.

What’s next?
I will do an iteration of this. I have another 100 balloons waiting.

This time I’m going to make it easier on myself. No more plotting, keeping tabs on names and places and threads. No more asking others to help. No more doing it piecemeal.

Next time I will do all 100 balloons in one place. There won’t be one story, but a hundred. I’m back at the original thought. Next time I won’t be releasing the artefacts in the balloons, that are part of the story. That was the most time consuming aspect of the last one, and the thing that became more hassle that it seemed worth. The balloons will be the stories, or include them.

I’m also starting on the next chapter in my work life. Things are moving fast, but apart from a few treasured people I’ve discussed the ideas with, it’ll remain under wraps for a little while yet. What I will say is: there’s another fresh start coming. Watch this space.