It seems using the word ‘fuck’ on the front cover of an industry magazine is not liked by the Royal Mail. Personally, I couldn’t give a fuck, I’m more concerned that someone let that go out with zero punctuation. If you’ve yet to see the story about the front cover of The Drum, it’s here.

Whether or not you’re shocked by the use of swear words – either in speech, on clothing, or the front cover of a magazine – this is really a non-news story. But I’m going to make one out of it for different reasons. Two reasons.

The Drum has courted controversy before, with its Oscar Pistorius Chip Shop Awards competition. Many took to social media to claim it in bad taste, including the brand that had its name used without permission. The magazine seeks to raise its profile in a way that other trade magazine don’t. Some people won’t like that, as is their due; others couldn’t give a ____. A flying one, probably.

Let’s move on, though, to the real issue I have with this story.

In the comments, a couple of people suggest that having a swear word on the front of the magazine makes the advertising industry bothersome to the public.

As if the public cares about the advertising industry! The public may well care about the output, but I do wonder if anyone sits back and thinks hard about the actual industry. Except those in the industry itself.

So much self-importance!

If there’s one thing that this cover demonstrates, it’s that we shouldn’t take ourselves so seriously. We make adverts. Often mediocre ones. Only we care about spending millions of dollars entering an awards show. No one else does – certainly not the public.

It’s worth reminding ourselves of how daft that comment really is with this lovely piece of work: Instead Of A Lion.

That really puts things into perspective, not a debate about whether someone can say fuck on the front cover of a magazine.

Disclosure: I know Steve Price from Plan B Studio.