The title is made up of words I found written in my Notes app just now. I read them shortly after reading this from the lovely Paul Squires at Perera Media, publishers of Imperica.

The name may not mean much to you, but it should. Because Web Curios. But also because Paul and his team bring a heck of a lot of clever thinking to you, for free.

*Self-deprecating klaxon*
Okay, they also bring you the stupid utterings I have.

The thing to takeaway from the above is the word ‘free’. Nothing, nada, at no cost to you, except your eyes and your time.

And while Nicholas Lovell says that you can make money from superfans when everything is being given away for free in his excellent book, The Curve (available from Imperica’s even better shop), it takes effort.

More than that, it takes people who have benefited and are benefiting from places like Imperica to spread the word. Which I do. I’ve donated – time and money and words. And I will continue to do so. Paul is a smart guy; Imperica is a fantastic resource.

Some people would say the problem is that it appeals to a broad audience. Yet, I see that as a strength and I want that to continue. This is where you come in.

Visit the site. Maybe buy a good book, some 3D printing services, or drop a small donation into the pot. They even accept Bitcoin, something you won’t get at WH Smith or Amazon.

Even better, come along to the New Horizons conference on 7 March and witness the excellence first-hand. I paid full price. You can get a discount. Then you can laugh at me, smug in the knowledge I paid more than you. I sincerely hope you do. I invite you to come and be smug because you’ll leave with a full brain, some great anecdotes and bucket loads of inspiration (possibly not actual buckets).

So, that’s it. A request. One you can ignore, if you choose. I won’t know. And I have no vested interest other than I’d miss having somewhere other than here to put out my thoughts, and the weekly Web Curios, and all those articles by much smarter folk.

Imperica, like a lot of services, is something that makes this world. There is no trick.