This is a question I get asked a lot; six times in January alone. The question is quite specific, unlike what I do.

Knowing what I’m doing is more important than knowing what I do. Because a job title is one side of the coin that allows someone to make a snap judgement about whether a particular person is suitable for a specific role. I prefer to be broader than that, to shift across the boundaries of one role and another. I’m less about career and more about careering. I am a skills smörgåsbord, a talent buffet – and it’s all you can eat.

If you come for one thing, it’s fairly certain that you’ll return. Not just for more of the same but for other, more exotic skills. Or a skill that complements something you picked up somewhere else. I’m the condiment, if we’re to continue this now awkward food metaphor.

Phil Dearson puts it simply in his latest post, Why I’m Leaving Agency Life:

I’ve developed a clearer idea of what I’m genuinely good at, what I enjoy and what other people place a value on. That’s the formula for identifying your dream job.

I do what I enjoy: solving complex problems in simple ways, using ideas, questions, hypotheses, etc. I appear to be genuinely good at it. So however you want to define what I do, people value it.

Even if I can’t define what that is exactly.