In a few hours time, it’ll be a new year.

A lot of people are looking back on what they’ve achieved in the past 12 months. I was going to do the same.

2013 was a growth year for me. I tried a lot of different things. I moved from being a [strategic] creative towards an unstructured role that was stretched across a number of disciplines. I did business analysis, UX, creative direction, copywriting, strategy, and pure marketing. I wrote business plans, advertising campaign strategies, agile marketing frameworks, website copy, and produced the words and thoughts that branded new companies.

I also started to express my thoughts beyond this blog. I did talks, I wrote pieces for other websites and blogs.

Projects outside of work were started. Some finished. Others failed. A few are ongoing.

As I approach 2014, I’m looking to build on everything I’ve learned. The great, the good, the bad and the downright terrible. Much like the advice in this excellent post from BBH Labs.

I can’t look back. Life is about forward movement, taking that which I’ve learned to meet the next challenges.

Hello 2014.