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It’s time consuming trying to connect with all the good stuff that’s happening on Twitter. To follow every account that someone recommends would inevitably mean that, unless you’re looking at every single Tweet, you’re likely to miss something.

Twitter Lists went some way towards fixing that, but if you’re anything like me you’ve ended up with lots of lists that mirror your main stream. Which is why, when Percolate first came about, I was hopeful that I’d be able to unearth the gems that I’d otherwise miss. Sadly, it didn’t happen, and what I ended up with was a list of just about all the good things that I’d seen, it was just that they’d be shared a lot.

Since I quit having Percolate email each day, I’ve either missed out on stuff, or had to trawl back over my timeline as and when I get the chance. Work commitments have meant days of not engaging with social media at all, which is actually a good thing. But I shouldn’t have to miss out entirely, right?

When Neil Perkin of Only Dead Fish mentioned that he was creating a new service called Fraggl, which would be a mixture of curated Twitter posts and some algorithmic ingenuity manufactured by Adaptive Lab, and that it would be emailed to me daily, well I signed up immediately. This week has seen the alpha testing of this service, and so I thought I’d share what I think of it so far.

Inevitably, being that Neil and I share a lot of friends, acquaintances and Twitter buddies, some of the links I’ve already seen. But not all. There is a lot of links that didn’t come my way. So far, so good.

I’m not quite sure of the call to action right now that – ‘I Must Share’ sounds a little bit weird for my liking, but this could well be a personal preference. Let’s see if it stands the test of time – I’m willing, as always, to be proved wrong.

There has already been a link that is an automated Tweet from another service, and not surprisingly it’s a Foursquare check-in. Neil was quick to suggest a filter – and it’s important to remember that at this stage in its development, Fraggl will need tweaks reported by users to be certain of making waves when it moves into beta phase and beyond. (Again, a personal point, but I’m still unsure what value Tweeting your Foursquare check-ins brings anyone other your closest friends and family. If you want to brag, write a Tweet).

Screenshot of Fraggl Email

I really like that Fraggl is showing me who shared the original link in its email. This is useful, as not only do I get to see good content, I can find new people to follow. I’m not sure if this was an intended part of the service, but if not then it’s an additional benefit now that #FollowFriday has declined.

I’ll be interested to see how the service adapts over the next few weeks and months. I’ve already suggested to Neil that Fraggl offer a weekly digest, for those people who find a daily email that bit too much. Perhaps this would be based on most popular links? I’d also like to be able to add a small human touch here and there. I rather like guest posts on blogs, and I wonder what would happen if users of Fraggl were able to suggest links they feel others might like. I’m sure this could be automated to a degree. As the service grows, I’d also like to see it extend out from Twitter, perhaps allowing good long-form content to be added. Could we see a Fraggl button or Chrome extension at some point?

This is all conjecture, as early thoughts on a service generally are. If you’re not part of the alpha test group, you can sign up for beta testing. The signs that Fraggl is going to be a useful service are strong, so get in while you have the opportunity to shape its future.

UPDATE: This afternoon, I received a new email from Fraggl. Images are previewed within the email, which makes for not only a richer experience but also helps with the decision on click-thru. I think these will increase.

Neil has also decided to call the people using the device, Fragglers. Makes sense.