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Ignore the pun-title, it’s link bait.

Anyway, I’ll keep this short and sweet.

I’ve been asked to talk at a proper grown-up conference. It’s called Silicon Beach, and I briefly mentioned it in my last post. Now, I can say a little more.

I will be talking about innovation. And advertising agencies. And what’s wrong with putting those two things together (generally). And how they can do it better, if at all. That’s a lot of Ands.

It’ll be provocative, that’s for sure. But there will be a lot of positives, too. At least, I’m determined that people are left with a feeling that they can at least have a crack at being innovative – whatever that means (I’ll hopefully be answering that question, too).

You may wonder how on earth I’ve got listed as an ‘Innovation Consultant’. Well, that’s down to Matt Desmier, the organiser, not me. But I’m happy to go along with it, even if I’m not sure what credentials an Innovation Consultant needs to accept such a lofty title. Basically, I think Matt didn’t want to put down Professional Cynic.

Matt has also asked me to write something for the official programme. Which I’m hugely excited about. And for that, I will be approaching some people for quotes and stories I might use. I will, of course, give full attribution, unless anonymity is requested. Look out for a Twitter DM or email from me in due course. And if you don’t get one, it’s nothing personal.

So, go buy a ticket, or two. I take the stage on the Friday afternoon, sandwiched between two incredibly smart people, so if nothing else I’ll provide an opportunity for the audience to heckle.

Here’s to September, and Silicon Beach 2013.