So far, 2013 has been manic. Properly busy.
Not necessarily at work, though. That has been steady (that means no all-night working, no weekend working – just nine to six).
The maniacal pace has been set by my undertaking a new project each month, which I’ve consistently been doing for three months now.
I didn’t make a conscious decision to do this. If I had, I reckon I would have already fallen at the first hurdle.

Defining Success
I don’t know how people decide on what is successful. How do you measure success? Number of site visits? Tweets? Shares on Facebook?
I’ve decided not to bother with measuring success in numbers or shares or Tweets. I’ve decided to measure success on whether I’m learning something from each project.
So far, I’ve learned loads:

    about collaborating and being agile;
    about how plans can change and that it shouldn’t stop you doing what you originally set out to do;
    people let you down, but that’s okay;
    there are lots of people who want to make things rather than just talk about making them.

And more.

Long may the learning (and therefore success as I’m choosing to measure it) continue.

So, These Projects…
Only one of them has been planned. The rest have presented themselves as ideas and I’ve gone with them. I’ve done one Tweet about each and left it at that. No more. As I said, it’s not about millions of follows, entries, shares, whatevers.

They may not have massive appeal, or commercial value (although it’s there, just not at the forefront). I’m just interested in what I can achieve this year.

I’ve not got a project for April, but I’ve got the longest month to think of one and get it ready. In the meantime, I’ve got some updates to do on the two ongoing projects. That’s one other thing: it’s not about getting it done and forgetting about it (mostly). Some last a day, some a month, some the entire year and beyond.

And in case you wondered what the three projects are, I present One Hundred Balloons, NewsIpsum, and Unseen Characters. So far. I sincerely hope this list increases, so I can learn more things.