It often takes forever to get something done in agencies. Why? Oh, many things. An internal process that holds things up; too much talking; client on holiday; legal departments. And that’s just a few reasons. You’ll often find this process must be followed four or five times before an idea is let loose.

And by that time, it’s a shadow of its former self. Or the idea dies on the vine and a new one needs to be thought up.

Which is why doing your own thing is more fun, and more rewarding. You think of an idea, you build a prototype and you release it.

An aside: it makes me wonder why agencies don’t do these little projects instead of their staff. Maybe the bean counters don’t see the effect on the bottom line? Maybe it’s fear of it being taken the wrong way? Perhaps the people at the top don’t get it?

Whatever the reason, I’m glad I’m able to produce things myself, no matter how silly or non-commercial.

Recently, with some friends, we produced a simple site that scrapes the world news from the BBC and remixes it as Lorem ipsum. We call it NewsIpsum and it officially went live today.

Didn’t take much to do. Cost very little. Got a bit of traction on social media channels and will likely get pulled this time next year when the domain expires.

But it reminded me that it’s not that hard to find good people to help you make something. And were it a real project, we’d revisit it. Add a logo. Expand it to include more news sources. Add advertising banners and endorsements.

And while we won’t make millions or even a few pence, or become famous off the back of it, that was never the intention. It was just a good idea made real (in under 24 hours) by some people who could get behind it. And that was as much fun as having the idea in the first place.

Just wish it was that easy for all those simple ideas.

Massive thanks to Shardcore and Marcus Michaels for their coding skills and sense of humour.

And thanks to anyone who shared it this morning.