A few of you will have seen me talking about a new project in my Twitter feed and via a few shots on my Instagram stream.

I have bought a domain and set up a blog for it. Once payday hits, I’ll sort some hosting and get on with things.

It’s called One Hundred Balloons.

And it’s about telling a story. Or stories. Or both. And they’ll be inside balloons which will be tied all over London.

The stories will be released online as and when people find and pop the balloon.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be updating the One Hundred Balloons blog with more details and images.

And it’ll be from there that news of the first balloons’ whereabouts will be released.

I did consider finding a commercial angle, which would be possible. But I like to keep my personal projects free from that. A lot of people question my aversion to making money from projects, but it’s not a short-term goal. I do them because I want to.

It’s not quite art, but it’s as close as I’ll ever get making it.

And that’s enough for now.