UPDATE: I think I may have given the wrong impression of my motives here. Actually, I know I have. I’m not quitting things, just taking time out to contemplate things in more detail and not simply react to things. I’m attempting to blog less (that is, empty my tiny brain’s thoughts onto the page without contemplation, revision or thoughts on the consequence of my posts) and instead write more considered things, read around subjects and generally learn things instead of superficially understanding concepts and ideas, or facts.

Same with social media. I’m not quitting, just choosing not to post links every hour, or worrying that I’m missing out on things. Turns out that a lot of stuff from two years ago is surfacing again in my feed. And there was me believing – choosing to believe – that Twitter wasn’t like a soap opera. 

So, I will be ‘blogging’ and I will be posting stuff on Twitter (although I’ve totally avoided Instagram, thus far, for anything other than liking or commenting).

Going away for a week does more than recharge batteries. It provides perspective. A few things:

I’m at a point in my life and career where I’m at a crossroads. Which way? Decisions are best made without external stimuli causing procrastination or making me do/say things that days later I regard as stupid/pointless.

I should stick with things more. For longer.

I spend too much time online and not enough off.

I need to think more and post less.

Twitter is not like a soap opera where you can step away for a week and pick up where you left off. Everyone is already off somewhere else.

I think I need to introduce more privacy to my life.

So, I’ve moved my two main social media accounts to new ones. Private ones. I’m not after followers. I’m not accepting requests. It’s there in case I feel the need to broadcast something – anything. So far, it’s dull. Which is perfect.

I expect my follower count will drop. Fair enough. Who wants to follow an account that’s rarely used?

It’s been fun. Over 900 of you… okay, 250 if I discount the spammers… You’ve all listened, replied, conversed and occasionally clicked a favourite button or retweeted.

I’ll still be around, though. The odd reply here, the couch-potato-RT there. A lurker, if you will.

Oh, and blogging goes the same way. I really have nothing important to add to the noise. Plenty of other, much cleverer people write with more erudition than I ever will.

I’ll be keeping up with projects such as My Earliest Memory until they stall indefinitely.

So, while it’ll be quieter, direct requests will be answered. I’m not changing my email address or phone number. They’re both public knowledge.

That leaves one last thing: