The other day I saw the latest campaign by the international luxury fashion store, Harvey Nichols. It uses models, as you’d expect. However, these models have, apparently, not been able to hold back the contents of their bladders. They have pissed themselves. With excitement, in anticipation of the upcoming sales.

Harvey Nichols Sales Advertisement

Now, you may find this offensive. Maybe you don’t.

Me? I love them. Not necessarily for the content (although, it is very good), or the art direction (which is exceptional) or even the line (which, personally, I think over-eggs the concept). I love them because they stand out and cut-through. These are two pieces of oft-used jargon in the advertising industry and most ads (like, 99% of ads) never achieve either.

And for that reason alone they should scoop a fair few awards. If they don’t, then perhaps cut-through and stand out aren’t all that important anymore. And what we’ll be left with is something entirely more anodyne or insidious. Something, perhaps, like this from the Daily Telegraph.

Now, which would rather have?