The search is on. It always is, or so it seems. And that search is for something new.

Lately, it’s the search for the next Facebook for advertisers. It could also be the next killer phone app, the next killer phone, the next iPhone killer. It’s the new “10 things to [insert verb] before you die” meme that seemed to be all the rage back in the last decade.

Before we go any further, I don’t have the answer to whatever the next big thing is. But the concept of finding a fresh angle, or new way of doing things does interest me. Or at least at a less macro level.

I personally know how difficult it is to keep a project going. It’s not time, necessarily. People become bored easily. After the initial flurry of excitement (or in my own experience, a celebrity Tweet) everything dies down and it’s hard not to feel deflated by that.

Or it was, for me. Then I started to appreciate a new social media movement, one built upon quality rather than quantity. Slow social, as it was termed. An example is This Is My Jam, a service where you post one musical track per week.

But still, it’s one person whom you follow; it’s just the frequency that changes. As an aside, frequency is the reason that brands are starting to fail at Facebook (they really don’t have anything of interest to say regularly, so it all becomes trite and feels a little needy).

I know there has to be a new way of doing things. Or if not new, a novel way of doing things.

Today, that something sprang to mind. Or at least I think it did.

It all started when I visited Style & Creativity, a website that was started by a good friend and upcoming creative powerhouse, Marcus Michaels. He has been struggling with similar issues to me and I noticed that his site was currently down as he puts together a new one. And he’s asking people to get involved.


But will that happen? Yes, because some people will happily give time and effort. But I do wonder if it will drop off after a short time, as people move on to the next shiny thing. It’s not the fault of Marcus, it’s the nature of how people are today.

And that’s when the lightning bolt struck. Or whatever it is these days (fishes for another cliché).

What if we had one site that changed according to the person with the admin rights? I mean, why focus on one thing when we can bring a different perspective on the ‘shiny shiny’ each day, or week, or whatever timescale you want to place on this.

It’s not curation. It’s not collecting. It’s not a single-serve Tumblr. It’s not edited by a single entity or group of people with a set of ideals while others create the content (although that’s just as brilliant, as Project 3six5 and many other projects prove). It’s open to all and whomever holds the master key for the day/week takes it wherever they wish.

The only caveat is that one person remains the admin, so that the project continues and doesn’t stall when someone fails to pass on the ‘key’. And that’s all they do: pass on the latest login details. They do not interfere in any other way.

Could it work?

Has it already been done – and if so, did it work?

And if it hasn’t been done or you think it’s a good idea, then why not let me know and I’ll start it up. After all, how simple is it to hand someone the keys to your site with the only remit to make it theirs for a short period of time.