So, back in January I stopped collating my weekly links on Posterous. I did, in a moment of madness, suggest that I would be doing something similar but different here on my WordPress blog. It’s now early May and nothing has happened. I’ve stalled.

What I do know is that, I’m unlikely to get things going again. This idea will sit, on bricks, slowly decaying.


However, before I really do put this idea beyond the back burner, to the great blog posts in the sky, I think it’s worth pondering some of the rather brilliant things I’ve favourite on Twitter, bookmarked on my browser and copied and pasted into an ever-growing Evernote, er, note. If for no other reason that it serves as a repository of decent links that you can come back to again and again for inspiration, I think it’s worth doing.

And so. For the last time – possibly – here is the longest list of neat stuff I’ve spotted between February 2012 and May 2012, minus a few things I can’t look at in my new job. WARNING: It scrolls for a long time.

In no particular order:


A tool from the New York Public Library that lets you create your own animated GFIs and 3D anaglyphs from over 40,000 stereographs in their possession.


Food On My Dog

It’s food, on someone’s dog.


Kinect Russian Roulette

A hackday prototype that lets you use your hand to play Russian Roulette.


Bearded Planner

Planners. With beards. In a Tumblog.

Basic Comic

A comic about a nerdy boy who meets a robot who speaks only in the programming language, BASIC.


WTF Is Mike Wearing?

A Tumblog demonstrating that Michael Jordan has absolutely no dress sense. Possibly.



3D printing, but aimed at kids. And big kids.


Worst Album Covers

What happens when you search Google Images for the phrase, Worse Album Covers? This.


Fuck Yeah 1990s

The decade we all thought was amazing. Turns out it wasn’t that amazing.


Hand Drawn Indian Film Posters

Film posters in India that have been hand drawn. Full story.


Star Tips

Those really awful money-saving tips from rather rubbish magazines aimed at women, collected.


Multiplication Waterfall

An online tool that turns multiplication into rainbows.


Bad Rave Flyers

Bad flyers for raves.


David Letterman Holding Records

A single-use Tumblr that should be fairly Ronseal.


Newspaper Blackout

Creating poetry by blacking out newspapers and leaving only certain words readable.


The Man Who Lived On His Bike

A short about a man who rides his bike over 382 days as a tribute to his father who has ridden over 120,000 miles.


It Was Over When

That moment when you knew the relationship was done and dusted. Shared.


Literally Unbelievable

Stories from The Onion as interpreted by Facebook. Makes you weep for humanity, once you’ve stopped laughing.


Blocky Earth

A Web-GL experiment that turns Google Earth data into cubic blocks that show texture and elevation. Requires Chrome browser or equivalent.


Colt Silvers Hide And Seek

Neat interactive music video for the Colt Silvers song, Hide and Seek.


What Would You Look Like..?

What would you look like as a superhero? Answer some questions and this site will show you.


The Chimerist

A site that is showcasing iPad apps that are deemed the most interesting.



A website that makes a kaleidoscope image of images that you can control using your mouse. It’s in HTML5.


Fifty Two Songs, Fifty Two Stories

Stories inspired by songs. Fifty two of each.


5:46 AM – Paris Underwater

A short about Paris being submerged.


Straw Poll

Create a poll in just a few minutes. Then share it.


Cook Suck

A website full of photos people have uploaded to Facebook of terrible meals that they are proud of. The horror.



Optical illusions that aren’t. Or are they?


Fuck Your Noguchi Coffee Table

Poking fun at posh people’s vintage furniture and decorations. I think.


Those Three Little Words

A series of disturbing cinemagraphs, in three acts.


Life Without Lights

A photographic project about energy poverty.


Starry Night (Interactive Animation)

An interactive version of Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night painting. Now on iPad, too.


Bad Postcards

Does what it says in the title.


A Safe Place For Chairs

Photos of abandoned chairs.



Illustrations, murals, tattoos and products. All cool.



A musical instrument for the iPad generation. Impressive.


L.E.D. Snowboarder

Filmmaker, Jacob Sutton, took to the slopes and filmed a pro-snowboarder wearing a bespoke L.E.D suit. The end result is stunning.


Realistic Pencil Drawings

It’s hard to believe these are created with just a pencil. But they are.


Poetry Bin

Write a poem and post anonymously. They can neither be edited nor deleted.


99 Problems In Film

Jay Z’s “99 Problems” recreated using film clips by those clever Eclectic Method peeps.


Portraits Génétiques

Photographic similarities between members of the same family. Compelling stuff.


Book Flavor

Like Pinterest but for book covers.


Maddie On Things

A dog, called Maddie, on things.


Over Coffee

A social network for coffee lovers.


For Skateboarding And The City

A short about skateboarding. In a city.


Devs Do Art

Artwork created by developers.


Faces Of Addiction

Quite harrowing at times, but also moving. A photographic project snapping pictures of addicts in New York.



Impressionist paintings with gimps in them. I don’t know either.



Find KickStarter projects easily.


The Magnificent Map Of Rap Names

Another Ronseal link.



The story of a successful catch.


Eagle Owl At 1000 Frames Per Second

A video capturing an owl approaching the camera, filmed at 1000fps.


Tory Cum Faces

The faces of Conservative Party MPs that someone suggests are the same ones they pull during orgasm.


Visual Innovators

A special video that exposes visual innovators. This is of photographer, Clayton Sotos.


Love Is Making Its Way Back Home

Using 12,000 pieces of construction paper, this video for Josh Ritter’s song was created.


Matchstick Photography

Photographs created using burned or burning matchsticks.


Be My Satellite

An initiative that aims to allow every individual on earth to be uniquely documented by satellites.


The City Of Samba

A tilt-shift film of the Rio Carnival. Amazing.



A generative musical instrument.


Little Tombstone

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. Mostly good, though.


Newsprint Poetry 2012

A bit like the blackout poetry I posted way back up in the list. One new one each day for 2012.


Reflection Of You

Disorientating video for Bear In Heaven’s song, Reflection of You. May make you feel sick.


The Lively Morgue

Photographs from the archives of the New York Times.


Cupcake Ipsum

Lorem ipsum but with cupcakes.



An installation where a swing is used to create a large interactive starry sky.


WTF QR Codes

The uses for QR codes that make you go: WTF. Most of them, if you’re me.


Are There Any Good Films On iPlayer?

One way to find out.



A short film noir. Reminiscent of Alice in Wonderland and other such surreal things.


Completely Unusable Stock Photos




Share and sell stuff – products, music, whatever – to people who follow you.


Dry Goods

What’s inside your store cupboard? Take a photo and share it here.


Batman Running Away From Shit

Does what it says in the title.


Escher Girls

A look at the anatomically impossible depiction of women in comics.


Rats In Hats

Rats. In hats. Or wearing them.


One Letter Change

Advertising, changing one letter to make a pun. Oh dear.


Pictures Of People Scanning QR Codes

Careful, your sides might split.


Hate Paste

Examples of poor code, posted for the geeks to snigger at.


Excalibur Tower

The world’s highest climbing wall. Vertigo inducing stuff.


Super Morrissey Bros

This Charming Man as it would sound on a Nintendo.


Map Portraits

This is a rather lovely site, showcasing portraits created out of maps.


Any Decent Music

Get access to a broad range of opinion about new music and then decide for yourself if it’s really worth buying.


Lego Space Shuttle

Sending a space shuttle made from LEGO into space. That is all.


Featured By

A site full of lovely things you’ll want to share.



Japanese emoticons. Use sparingly.



Sitting like Don Draper from the popular TV show, Mad Men.


Scratched Faces

This is a set of photographs taken of faces painstakingly scratched onto walls in Shanghai by artist, Vhils.


Flying RC DeLorean

The car made famous in Back to the Future is here, in radio controlled form. Thanks you crazy Russians.


Sounds Of The Internet

A mixtape of sounds from websites with autoplay music.


Melvin The Mini Machine

A brilliant Rube Goldberg machine called Melvin can travel and send postcards. Unlike his big brother.

More info on Melvin (Big and Small) here:


Hipster Branding

For some it’s like holding up a mirror. If brands had their logos designed by hipsters.


Eiffel Tower Panorama

A series of panoramas of the Eiffel Tower you can pan around and enjoy.


Owner’s Eyes

Pets with their owner’s eyes. Freaky, but oddly compelling.



An animated short set in a post-apocalyptic universe.


David Mitchell Is A Koala

Telly funnyman, David Mitchell, apparently looks like a koala. Judge for yourself.



An ongoing collaboration between visual artists Memo Akten and Quayola; a series of studies on human motion, and its reverberation through space and time.


Is Boris Working?

A satirical (I think) website asking a single question of London’s Mayor, Boris Johnston.


London Lives

Crime, poverty and social policy in the metropolis. From 1690 to 1800.


One Tiny Hand

One for the Beadleophiles out there.


Animal Pikchurs

Possibly the weirdest colouring book. Ever. From San Francisco in the 1970s.


Floral X-Rays

Flowers, x-rayed.


Full Circle

What happens when you put a video camera on a skipping rope? This.


Fish: A Tap Essay

A short but heartfelt manifesto about the difference between liking something on the internet and loving something on the internet. If you’ve got an iPhone, download this now.


Whiteout News

Tippex and newspapers. Many Lulz.


Your KickStarter Sucks

A list of KickStarter projects that some people think are not up to scratch.


Guardian Picture Grid

A grid of images used on the Guardian newspaper website. Powered by the Guardian API. Click to link to the story.


Advertising People Wearing A Scarf Indoors

I think it’s Swedish. Anyway, fairly self-explanatory.


Screenshots Of Despair

A Tumblog that catalogues online messages that evoke feelings of despair.


Time Is

An elegant way to see what the exact time is in your part of the world.



Talking of time… Some builders tell the time using planks of wood.


Multiplayer Piano

An online piano that can be played by more than one user at a time. Also known as Modern Jazz.


Frame Of Mind

A cleverly edited piece of video showing two friends taking photos in Hawaii.


Movies As Code

Films, expressed as code. Simple.


Drawing Apparatus

Take two turntables, a pencil and some paper. Makeshift spirograph.


How Many People Are In Space Right Now?

Find out.



Algorhythmic iambic pentameters from Tweets. Poetry by machine, in other words.



Recursive animations created for an installation.


Noisy Jelly

Jelly that makes music. Really.


Cat Scientists Of The 1960s

If scientists of the past were cats.


Rope Masks

Would anyone wear these in public? Still, they are quite something to behold.


Made In New York City

A list of apps and sites that were made in NYC.


Webcam Tears

The tears shed on webcams.


Hybrid Moment

The easiest way to check if you’re epileptic. And if you are, don’t click this link.


The Tutu Project

One man takes photos of himself wearing a pink tutu. He says it started as a lark. Don’t they all…


Solar System Scope

A neat way to view the solar system and learn all about it. You can even download it.


Grandad’s Photo Box

Photos taken from the photo collection of someone’s grandfather. Unique insight into a family’s life.


Black Bike Vol. 1

Parkour on a bike.


Rear Window Timelapse

Hitchcock’s Rear Window re-told as a timelapse.


Tug Of Store

Decide what is stocked in this online shop in a virtual tug of war. If it wins, the product is cool.


Maps TD

A tower defence game using Google Maps and 8-bit graphics.


Texts From Hillary Clinton

A site that purports to show you what Hillary Clinton texts to various people. Well, one of them actually is.


Goths On OKCupid

What happens when you search only for goths on a dating website? This Tumblr, it seems.


Drawn NYC

An artist does a little drawing each day as a warm up; posts them here.


Photo Timeline

Using Google Images to create a timeline of images.


Celebrity Camera Club

Famous people taking photographs.


Caine’s Arcade

The story of a 9-year old boy who built an arcade out of cardboard boxes inside his Dad’s Used Auto Parts store. And how one day his life changed forever.


Kon Trubkovich

A Russian artist who creates art from glitch images on Russian television.


Shit Whiteboards Say

Things left on whiteboards.


Static Flow Of Water

A speaker is used to vibrate water at the frequency of the camera’s shutter speed/frame rate. What that means is the water looks like it’s not moving. Neat, eh?


Old People Writing On A Restaurant’s Facebook Page

Oh, you old people crack me up.


Wind Map

An art project that maps the wind flowing over the US.



A type animation experiment. Love it.


Chicken On A Raft

A pointless website showing a cartoon chicken on a raft. Music makes it though.



Like Nyan Cat, but with Tom Waits. Better than Chicken on a Raft.


Aye Eyes

A wall of eyes that follow your cursor. Freaks people out.


Thrift Store Monster Paintings

Works of art bought in thrift stores, then having monsters added as if they’d been there all along.


Sloths That Look Like Musicians

Pictures of sloths that resemble musicians. Yeah.


David Shrigley Font

A font made out of artist David Shrigley’s handwriting. To download, visit the site.


Obscura Day

It’s already gone, but that’s okay. This is a celebration of obscure places around the world. Maybe next year?


Eat The Seasons

What’s in season in the UK right now? Find out so you don’t have to import food from thousands of miles away.


Crap Brapps

Crappy brand apps. These are terrible. And I’m pleased to say I’m not responsible for any of them.


Encyclopedia Metallum

The motherlode of heavy metal band information.


People Who Don’t Know How To Spell Cologne

Clue: they say colon. Hilarity ensues.



Take a tour through an abandoned asylum.


Slow Motion Stupidity

Super slow motion highlights from a Danish TV show where stupidity reigns.


Your Logical Fallacy Is

Exposing logical fallacies wherever they occur.


Gameshows With Bees

Created because it can be done.


What Should We Call Me?

A Tumblog of mostly animated GIFs that, when paired with the statement or questions, prove to be funny.


What Happens In Media Planning

In case you’re planning a career in media planning. This could well put you off. Similar to What Should We Call Me?


Death Of Facts

A satirical obituary. From the Chicago Tribune. Nicely done.,0,809470.story


Movie Mimic

Travelling to places seen in the movies and then recreating the still. Clever.



Make and share 60-minute mixes of YouTube content.


It’s Hard Not To Like This

Can you find the Like button?


Photoshop Troll

Oh, someone creates a free Photoshop request site and then uses the opportunity to troll.

Request for free:



This Is Advertising Life

Animated GIFs show you what working in advertising is like.


London Aerial 1

Jason Hawkes, famous for this footage of cities from the air, treat you to one of London.


Catalog Of Things That Don’t Exist

Ronseal. And funny.



The standard measurement for asshattery online. A bit like Klout, then.

And that’s it. I have some more, but thought this was enough for now.