I’m going to keep this short. It deserves more, but right now I want to capture this thought: Twitter is dull.

What!? Seriously? Whoa, that’s quite the statement!

Yes, it is. But I’m part of the problem. I got myself into a following circle. I should have seen it coming, really. But no, it caught me out. And that’s killing my love of the service.

I’ve already fallen out of love with Facebook. I have an account, which I never use unless it’s a work-related thing. I understand it, and that’s enough.

Twitter has always been more. Because I could connect with people I didn’t know or class as “friends”. And then I painted myself into a corner. I followed a select group. An ever-decreasing flow of same stories, tweeted and re-tweeted.

You probably recognise this phenomenon.

And so I’ve grown tired of it lately. And I haven’t missed it too much.

So, I’m taking time out from a bunch of social stuff. Intermittent is my mantra right now. You can say hi. I will respond.

It’ll probably take a week and I’ll be back, posting like some loon who needs to continually use his thumbs. Like I used to be, in other words.

Twitter is boring. And I’m part of the problem. I won’t quit, but I will re-evaluate how I use the service from now on. And who I follow.

Should you be doing the same?

A change is as good as a rest, so he saying goes. A change and a rest? An interesting concept.