Well, not a new me. A new thing. Or a change to an old thing. So not really new at all. But let’s not alert the council upstarts just yet. It’s an announcement, of sorts.

Some (or perhaps, none) of you may have stumbled across my other blog. It’s on Posterous. And, for the past year, I’ve published it every Friday without fail. It was called Mostly this week and it collated all the nice little links I saw over the course of that week. A digest of neat stuff that I liked.

I’ve always collected links. Over the years, I’ve used standard bookmarks, Delicious and its many competitors; I’ve used Twitter favourites and RSS. Basically, I used a lot of input and stripped away the stuff I thought was so-so. What I mean to say is: the blog was about me, and what I liked. I don’t think it really gave a fuck about you.

Which is sad. Because, I wanted it to be for you, if not about you.

But that’s the weird thing. You do these things but people, well, they’re a fickle bunch at best. So each week, I’d spend a couple of hours sorting through hundreds of links, videos and interactive sites. And I’d get, maybe, half a dozen visitors.

Which was fine. Because (remember) I didn’t do it for you, I did it for me.

Yet, of course I did do it you so I’d feel better when the hits started pouring in. And when they didn’t, I thought: it’s a great little archive, so what if it doesn’t get a lot of attention.

And then I considered the hours each week I spent doing it. It really wasn’t worth it, just for me. It would’ve been worth the time if it had been for someone else. But the ‘someone else’ visits were few and far between.

So this week I didn’t post one.

No one complained.
No one died (not to my knowledge)
I doubt anyone actually noticed.

But… oh, it’s a BUT, if I’m honest.

I missed it.
I missed doing it for me.

However, I can’t spend time each week collecting links and posting them. Not now I need to spend more time doing different things at work (more on this at a later date). I set myself up to fail and in ensuring I didn’t fail, I ended up failing at other stuff. Like life.

I still collect stuff. I still like to share it. Just not on a weekly basis.

So, Mostly this week is over. Long live, Mostly this week, now re-named, Occasionally this month. (If you think of a better name – ideas on a Tweet to @purplesime)

And, it’ll be moving from Posterous, which has long become a shadow of its former self and on to WordPress. Here, to be precise.

Know why? It’s because I can make it look like I blog a lot more than I do, and I think I’ll be able to pull in as many as 10 visitors each time I click the publish button.

Because while it’ll be for you, it’s still very much all about me.