I’ll admit it, I love free things. Who doesn’t? I’ll avoid paying for stuff as often as I can – even things that I probably should pay for like music and films and cultural stuff. When I do pay for things it’s generally because it’s a one-off, I can only get it for a limited time or it’s by a mate. Or because I can’t get it for free.

Which is terrible. Because – and I know this from my own side-projects – things take time. And often they also cost money. For me, the monetary side of things isn’t a huge deal. I can afford to lose a few pounds here and there running small projects, buying and renewing domains, etc. What I don’t have to suffer is bandwidth costs. But if I did, I might start to realise that most of the great services I use on the Web cost a lot to keep going.

I can already hear the, “Oh yeah, what’s that got to do with me?” stuff. Maybe nothing; maybe a lot.

When it comes to advertising, there are a few sites I use religiously. Often blogs, they don’t cost anyone anything but time – and if you’re passionate about something then time is an easy commodity to give for nothing. But sometimes, time is given is huge quantities, but there are other costs too. And bandwidth is one of them.

So when I heard that one of the sites I’ve been visiting for years (and even contributed to now and again) was suffering from cash flow issues I knew that I would have to contribute. After all, I use this website daily – and I’ve known the person behind it for many years now (online) and even managed to finally meet at Cannes in the summer. It was quite a big deal.

And I’m betting, if you’re in the advertising business you visit this site too. You may even know this person, Åsk, aka Dabitch. If you don’t then you’re probably not that into advertising – or you’ve yet to stumble across an amazing archive of advertising ephemera.

The site – adland.tv – needs your help.

All it would take is $10 from 200 of us. That’s not a lot. I spend more than that in a week on coffee. I suspect you do too. I know money is tight. But I don’t think I – or my family – will suffer from giving a little bit of cash. I can’t afford loads, and I’m sure you can’t either. But if you are in advertising, in a senior role and spend money on crap (like a daily latte) then do something  useful with your cash. Donate to Adland.

And  if you can’t donate to this, donate to a charity.

And if you can’t do either, well you’re a cold-hearted person. Or maybe you have a gambling problem, or are going through a messy divorce, or just hate parting with your cash. That’s okay. I can’t hate you for having your own reasons for keeping your cash.

What I do know is that even $5 will make a huge difference. Heck, $1. Whatever you can afford. Because if the site goes (having been online since the mid-nineties) then a big piece of the advertising world will go with it.

And it’s only then that you’ll realise how much you miss the site and how much you used it when it was available – and free.

If you don’t want to go to the site, here’s a direct link to donate via PayPal.

I haven’t been asked to do this (in fact, Åsk doesn’t even know I’m doing it). I’m doing it out of love for a site I use loads and I would be sad to see disappear from my daily routine.

Anyway. Appeal over. Thanks for listening. Happy holidays.