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Tone of voice. It’s terribly important, at least that’s what brands and copywriters will tell you. And why will they tell you that? Because it is.

Aside from a logo, a colour scheme and design elements that are unique to a brand, tone of voice is something that can really help a brand to stand out.

Don’t believe me? You’re not alone, then.

There are numerous examples of good – and bad – brand voices. Innocent Drinks and Pret A Manger are two brands in the UK that spring to most people’s minds when they think of a unique voice. Banks, on the other hand, could swap logos and brand colour palettes between them and most people wouldn’t notice any difference.

Which is why, when a fresh tone of voice comes along, I really notice it. It stands out. It makes me smile, usually. It certainly makes me share it with other people – the Holy Grail for any brand is word of mouth.

And that’s exactly what I did today with the inside of the packaging for the Spinach, Pesto & Goats Cheese Slice from Higgidy.

higgidy packaging * click to enlarge

They obviously know the benefits of adopting a specific tone of voice. And they’ve carried it through everything they do, including their website.

Enjoy reading, it’s yummy. Just like any of Higgidy’s Pies and Slices.